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Morning guys, this time i will share about PTC(Pay to Click) you can follow. In the cyber space we can't easy to trust everything with good appearance, nice promise or everything.

In here, i will give trick for friends.
1. Before you join PTC, make sure SCAM or not with search in google "xxxx SCAM" xxxx is name of PTC. If the result searching too many website or blog expose about it, just leave(i mean not join).
2. After you in PTC website, check first the forum active or not, if there is no posting about activity member, administrator and anything, just leave it.
3. Check the payment proof update, see the last payment proof. Payment proof ussualy used paypal, alertpay, liberty or anything.
4. See the appearance website design, if the design standard may be you can thinking more.
5. Check earning how many you will get for every clicked ads, if too big and not real for your think leave it. this time average PTC give us earning every click ads between $0.01 or less than.
6. Read Tos(Term of Service) carefully.

List of below is PTC i recommended.
1. isabelmarco(appearance not good but trusted)
2. neobux
3. cashium(beta fase, it's mean still develop code of site)
4. Upbux
5. ironbux

OK, guys. It's a little tips to choose you can join or not PTC. If any question just leave your comment below.


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