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In general PTC sites have two types, Bux or Aurora. Bux PTC sites are much more popular these day because of the higher earnings offer, but the risk to fail is higher as you can observe when you investigate for a scam PTC sites. You may be familiar to some bux sites that turned scam as people say or fails to pay their members; examples are Bux.to, BeautyBux, CuteBux, ValueBux and more. Let’s take a closer look at the differences.

Difference in Payments

Bux PTC Sites – Generally pay more compare to Aurora sites. They usually give $0.01 earnings per personal click and $0.005 to $0.01 earnings per referral clicks
Aurora PTC Sites – Less earnings range from $0.001 to $0.005 for personal click and even less for referral clicks.

Difference in Revenue Models

Bux sites may give the impression that members of bux PTC sites have huge advantage compare to members of aurora sites but because of the higher payouts, bux PTC sites tend to fail a lot because their payouts per a click are usually higher than the amount they charge for advertising. Example; some bux PTC sites pays $0.01 per click and $0.005 per referral click which means that the site is paying $0.015 per click or $15.00 per 1000 clicks on free members. Yet the site only charges $7.00 on 1000 clicks for advertisers. $8.00 difference for every thousand clicks for a standard member is huge when adds up.

If you analyzed the situation given above, Bux PTC sites cannot stand alone if it depends on advertising itself, so what the Bux PTC sites do is find ways to make money from alternate cash streams like selling premium membership in which as a premium member, they give higher revenue per clicks and more ads to view. Bux sites also sell referrals and other jackpots as a alternative source of their funds. In other word, Bux sites tend to fail because they are not self sufficient on advertising alone.

While in Aurora PTC sites pay much less on click rates and can rely on their advertising income alone to sustain their members. The risk is much lesser so failure is lower. They also sell premium membership and referral but as an additional only and they do not rely on this to sustain their sites.

Advertising Difference

Bux PTC sites are more attractive when it comes to gathering members while Aurora PTC sites attracts more advertisers because it can sell ads at lower price but less attractive to members due to its lower rates per click. What the PTC clickers usually not aware of is that Aurora sites has more stability than Bux sites.

Overall Risk and Reward Difference

If you choose fast earnings with high investment risk go for Bux PTC sites. You can find some old reliable and stable Bux PTC like Neobux in which neobux has lower risk as of now because of its good reputation among Bux PTC. Neobux has a great strategy built especially to earn more if you know how to use the advantage of renting referrals. Other Bux sites that are currently building good reputation are Bux.gs, PalmBux, TurquAds, SvBux and lot more. You just have to be careful on investing your money on the particular Bux PTC that you join. Investigate first before upgrading or just invest an amount that you can afford to lose.

On the other hand, if you prefer slow earnings with high stability of your investment, go for Trusted Aurora PTC sites like Cash-Harvest, RevBux, LinkGrand, WordLinx, PPLinx, FFLinx and lot more. Low earnings at first but your hard work will be given rewards in the end. Just be patient and focus on gathering referrals and eventually you will see the result of the effort that you gave.

Or go for some New Breed of PTC Sites like TrekPay which has very promising earning program, although Trekpay is still on its prelaunch stage, they are already paying and giving good options to its members.

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