Hello guys, time to share again. For couple days there is visitor to my blog and she has a question about Hit counter. We all knows Hit counter is one of parameter for blog or website success. Blog or website without visitors is useless so Hit counter is important to install into your blog or website right.

This tutorial i dedicated special for newbie or someone didn't familiar with HTML, XML, Scripting or template. I used histats because very informative such as how many today visited, how many user online in the same time/simultaneous and how many visitors came to blog or site until today.

OK, i do not waste time...let's begin. Follow me step by step.

1. Go to histats.com and fill url, choose language and than click Register button.

2. Fill all data about your blog or site on form and than click Continue button.

3. Choose Category of histats appearance

4. Choose type 1 of them models, see picture below. I was select for counters 4 line because very informative.

5. Modify text to show if you want it, if not just leave and click Continue button

6. Wait for moment then code of HTML/XHTML will be displayed

7. Copy the code and embedded into your blog. To embedded you must log in into your blog, my platform blog is blogspot, so i log in to blogger.com.

Choose dashboard --> layout --> add a gadget and than paste the code you had copied. Don't forget click Save button to save your gadget. See the picture below.

8. One more click Save button to save into your blog.

9. The last step, see the result like this.

This is another link provide widget hit counter statcounter.com, basicstat.com, digits.com and 24counter.com.

OK, it's so simple right. I hope useful for newbie blogger. If histats not yet appear do not panic, try open your blog or site with another browser and wait for moment. If there is something not yet clear just leave comment and i will try to explain asap, if you satisfy leave comment too.

Best regards,

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