Favicon? I never heard it
A favicon is a small 16X16 image located at the top of your browser in the url bar.
It can be your blog logotype or some funny small picture, for example my logo you can see above.

OK, just take your logotype (if you have it), alike mine.

Creating Favicon
After you create your logo, than change size to 16x16 pixel. You can re-size your image on this Favicon Generator, save your logo in '.ico' format ( for example: letgoblogs_favicon.ico ). Upload the icon on your domain(if you have it) or here(ImageShack, photobucket, pages.google.com), and copy the link.

Installing Favicon
1. Log in to your blogger account.
2. Click on 'Layout'.
3. Click on 'Edit HTML', don't forget to backup your template first.
4. Find tag '</head>' and place this link below.

<link href='http://sismadi.vndv.com/img/letgoblogs_favicon.ico' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<link href='http://sismadi.vndv.com/img/letgoblogs_favicon.ico' rel='icon'/>

*Change the italic font(http://sismadi.vndv.com/img/letgoblogs_favicon.ico) to your account address, change 'letgoblogs_favicon.ico' to your favicon name.

5. Now save your template.
6. Once your template is saved view your blog and make sure to refresh the page and delete your cookies.

It finish, don't forget to leave your comment...cheers.

Best regards,

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  1. misterdicious // December 05, 2009 10:27 PM  

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    makasi artikel bermanfaatnya.

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